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The Coppermine Gallery Random Images Module is a very simple extension to configure and use. The following guide should be useful if you have any questions about this extensions settings.

Basic Options:
  • Coppermine Domain - The domain on which you have Coppermine Gallery installed. This is useful if your Coppermine installation is on a subdomain or a separate domain all together. If coppermine is on the same domain as your Joomla install you may leave this field blank.
  • Coppermine Install Location - This is the location where coppermine is installed relative to your Joomla installation. So for instance if Coppermine Gallery is installed in a subfolder of your Joomla installation named gallery, this setting would be 'gallery' (without the apostrophes of course). If Coppermine Gallery is the root of your site leave this field empty.
  • Albums Upload Location - Location of your uploaded albums within Coppermine Gallery. The default location for Coppermine is 'albums'. If you are saving your images to the userpics folder this setting should still be 'albums'.

Database Configuration:

** Note **
The external database settings are not required if your Coppermine Gallery tables are in the same database as your Joomla tables.
  • Database Connection - Specify whether or not to use the Joomla database or an external database. External databases may reside on the same server as your Joomla database.
  • Database Hostname - URL to connect to your external database. Check with your hosting company to retrieve your database connection string.
  • Database Username - Username with credentials that will connect to the Coppermine database.
  • Database Password - Password for the specified username above.
  • Database Name - Name of the database that contains your Coppermine Gallery tables.
  • Database Prefix - Database prefix for your Coppermine Gallery installation (default is cpg15x_).

Image Properties:
  • Randomize from All Albums - Choose to randomize your images from all available Coppermine Gallery Albums or from a specific album.
  • Specific Album Name - If your have chosen a specific album above, enter the name of the album here.
  • Module Width - Width of the module container.
  • Module Height - Height of the module container
  • Resized Image Width - Resized width of the images in your module (we recommend a few pixels less than the width setting above for a nice padding).
  • Thumb Source - If you are resizing your original images in Coppermine this setting will determine which image generated by Coppermine is used for your thumbnails in this extension.
  • Full Source - If you are resizing your original images in Coppermine this setting will determine which image generated by Coppermine is used for your full sized images in this extension.
  • Activate Lightbox - If using a ightbox on your site set this to yes.
  • Lightbox REL Tag - Enter the REL tag required to activate your lightbox (ex: rokbox).
  • Random Image Limit - Limit the number of images queried from the database.

jQuery Config:
  • Enable jQuery - If you need to include jQuery on your site you can include it here.
  • Image Animation Speed ( ms ) - Speed of your image animation in milliseconds.

Advanced Config:
  • Module Class Suffix - Apply a CSS module class suffix from your template to the module.

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