CPG Static Image Display

CPG Static Image Display
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21 December 2015
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CPG Random Image Display (Static Layout)

The CPG Random Image Display module was created for administrators wanting to display random images from a Coppermine Photo Gallery installation. This module can allow admins to query images from internal and external databases for display. Images are loaded and take the shape of their containing element. If you need to load a horizontal layout just be sure the CSS for the container is wider than it is tall. For vertical layouts the width of the containing elements should be less than the height.

For help getting start be sure to visit the documentation forum located here

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  • Internal and External database support
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Lightbox support using REL tags
  • Joomla 2.5x and 3.x compatible
  • Module utilizes Joomla updaters
  • Works natively with CPG database without the need to modify any core CPG files
  • Horizontal and Vertical layouts available via container dimensions
  • Specifiy a specific album or query from all albums
  • Adjustable number of images to query from the database
1.0.0 - Initial JED release
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