Simple Content Disclaimer

Simple Content Disclaimer
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15 December 2015
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Simple Content Disclaimer

This system plugin allows you to add a content disclaimer to your site and assign it to specific menu items. Cookies are used to save the users selection. Users can be redirected to any URL you choose (internal or external) if they do not accept the disclaimer. Credits go out to the cookie.js team and jquery-confirm.js team for making this plugin possible.

For help getting start be sure to visit the documentation forum located here

If you enjoy using this extension please take a moment to leave some nice feedback on the Joomla Extensions Directory by clicking here.

  • Joomla 3.x+ Compatible
  • Plugin utilizes Joomla Updater
  • Configurable to specific menu items
  • Ability to hide title, close button, content
  • Custom button text and styling available
  • Multiple themes to choose from
  • HTML content usable in the content description
  • Cookie based system for remembering a users selection
  • Auto redirect system for sending users to a specific page or external site
  • Ability to disable closing the disclaimer without acceptance
  • Many other features

1.0.0 - Initial Plugin Released to JED

1.0.1 - Added the ability to display popup for registered users as well as guests

1.0.2 - Minor code enhancements and fixed a vulnerability allowing visitors to bypass the cookie


You must configure and enable this plugin before it will work. Configuration only takes a minute and is very easy to follow.

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