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Simple Content Disclaimer Plugin

The information that follows is for the Simple Content Disclaimer Plugin developed by Terry W. Carter for Joomla CMS v3.x. Screenshots have been added to help with your configuration and each option is explained in detail.

  • Menu Items - Choose which menu items you would like the content disclaimer to display on
  • Disclaimer Title - Enter a name for the disclaimer popup window. This will appear like a title bar at the top op the popup. Leave this field empty for no title bar to appear.
  • Disclaimer Content - Enter the descriptive text you would like to display for the content disclaimer. Safe HTML is ok to use here. Leave this blank for no descriptive text.

  • Visual Theme - Choose from one of several pre-defined themes.
  • Confirmation Button Text - Enter the text to display on the confirm button.
  • Confirmation Button Style - Choose a bootstrap theme for the confirm button. (Works with White and Black themes.
  • Cancel Button Text - Enter the text to display for the cancel button.
  • Cancel Button Style - Choose a bootstrap theme for the cancel button. (Works with White and Black themes.
  • Redirect URL - Url to redirect user to if they cancel or if you have auto close enabled.
  • Cookie Length - Number of days to store the confirmation cookie
  • Cookie Path - Path to store the confirmation cookie on disk.
  • Enable Auto Close - Enable auto closing the confirmation window after a specific amount of time. This will redirect the user.
  • Auto Close Timeout - Time in milliseconds to redirect the user. 6 seconds = 6000 milliseconds
  • Hide Close Icon - Hide the close icon for the white or black themes.
  • Keyboard Interaction - Allow default keyboard interactions. Space or Enter confirms action, escape cancels action.
  • Background Close - Allow clicking the background to close the confirmation. This will cause a cancel action to fire.
  • Plugin Debugging - Turn on debugging mode for the administrator so that the disclaimer always shows and the cookie gets set back to 0 days each page reload.

Terry W. Carter
Professional Code Monkey

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