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The JoomIcon administrator module is a very simple extension to configure and use. The following guide should be useful if you have any questions about this extensions settings. The configuration shown is for Joomla 2.5x. The Joomla 3.x configuration is similar to this setup guide with the exception of the image configurations. Custom icons were not allowed for Joomla 3.x+.

Basic Options:

There are a total of 5 available JoomIcons that an admin you are interested in having additional available JoomIcons contact us for a custom quote.
  • Title for JoomIcon Panel - Title shown above the JoomIcons links in the Control Panel
  • Enter a title for JoomIcon - Text to show on the JoomIcon
  • URL for JoomIcon - URL target for JoomIcon
  • JoomIcon Link Target - Window target for the JoomIcon URL
  • Custom Images - Custom icons can be uploaded to SITE/ADMINISTRATOR/modules/mod_kdicon/images/
  • Available Stock Images - Stock Icons from the Bluestork Administrator template
  • JoomIcon Access Level - Assignable ACL level for either Super Admin only or Manager level access
  • JoomIcon Enabled - Enable or Disable the custom JoomIcon

Advanced Options:

The JoomJoomIcons administrator module has the standard set of advanced extension features available to most extensions.
  • Module Class Suffix - Assign a specific module class suffix to the extension
  • Caching - Enable extension caching
  • Cache Time - Amount of time to cache the extension

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