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29 Dec 2015 13:29 - 02 Jan 2016 11:37 #11 by Terry Carter
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KissGallery is a very simple to use image gallery for your site. Kiss Gallery follows the Keep It Stupid Simple methodology so that anyone needing a working gallery with SEF URLs can setup this component in just a couple of steps.

Follow the steps below to have your gallery up and running within just a few minutes:
  1. Navigate to Component > KissGallery
  2. Install the KissGallery component from the Extensions Menu of your site
  3. Click the options button to configure component parameters. Set the default settings for thumbnail size, full image size, number of list items, and JComments integration
  4. Navigate to Component > KissGallery > Albums
  5. Click the New Album toolbar button to create a new image album
  6. Enter a Name for your album and click the SAVE button in the toolbar
  7. Navigate to Components > KissGallery > Images
  8. Click the New Image toolbar button
  9. Choose the Album that you created in the last step from the dropdown menu and fill out the remaining fields. *Note - For the keywords field just add comma separated keywords, the component will add the hashes on the front end
  10. Choose your local image to upload
  11. Click the SAVE button in the toolbar

Congratulations you now have an album created and an image saved in the album. Images by default are saved in your sites /images/kissgallery/ folder. Images are saved and appended with a time stamp so that if you need to update an image the original image will be deleted and the updated image will take the place of the original. This keep you from needing to prune images manually. Also, if you delete an image from a gallery that image will be automatically deleted from the storage on our site as well.

To create a menu item for your new album follow the same steps you would take to create any other menu item for your site but choose KissGallery as the menu item type. Once chosen you can select the album you wish to create a menu item for. Save the menu item then navigate to the gallery on your site.

If you have any questions about KissGallery please visit the component support forum, you must be registered to create a new support request.

Terry W. Carter
Professional Code Monkey

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