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JoomRoster is a very simple to use component designed to display listing of individuals on your site. You can use this component to setup an employee roster, team roster, or organizational chart to meet your requirements. Below are the steps needed to setup a fully functional JoomRoster on your site.

Basic Settings
  • Start by installing the JoomRoster component by searching for it on the JED or downloading it from this site.
  • Once installation has completed navigate to Components > JoomRoster
  • Click the Config button in the top right corner to enter your component parameters
  • The config screen will allow you to activate the lightbox feature (Fancybox2), setup the default image dimensions, and setup a default list limit for the frontend
  • You can also configure user permissions here though the defaults should be fine.

Creating a Category
  • Navigate to Components > JoomRoster > Categories
  • Click the New button
  • From the Edit screen enter a name for your category and click Save
  • From the categories view you can use the drag handle on the left side of the table to order your categories
  • Category ordering is used for the All Categories view on the frontend of the site if you choose to display it

Adding Members
  • Navigate to Components > JoomRoster > Members
  • Click the New Members button to add a member
  • Fill out the form on the Edit screen and click save.
  • Be sure to configure all of the required fields before saving so you do not lose your entries

Creating a Front-end menu item
  • Add a new menu item to the menu of your choice used the Default JoomRoster View
  • From the configuration screen enter a Page Title if you choose to use one
  • Select the category you created earlier or select all categories
  • Save the menu item

The JoomRoster component should now be live on your site. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to submit a support request in the components forum.

Terry W. Carter
Professional Code Monkey

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